Community House Women

The Gaudenzia Erie Community House women and children's program allows women in treatment to utilize community supports while residing in a safe and therapeutic environment

What is a Halfway House?

A Halfway House is a program for individuals who have completed a residential program and who need a safe place to reside as they continue treatment.

The Halfway House is also ideal for individuals who desire additional help in establishing their recovery lifestyle as they integrate back into the community.

What can I expect from the Gaudenzia Erie Community House Program

You will be assigned a counselor who will work with you. Together, you will discuss the goals you achieved while in residential treatment and identify what treatment goals you still need to achieve.

Group counseling is held in the evening. These groups cover a variety of topics related to addiction and recovery.

It is important to connect clinical work with an established support system. Attendance at AA/NA/DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous) meetings is a requirement of the Community House.

A significant goal of the Community House is to help you integrate back into the community. Therefore, it is required that you obtain employment, enroll in school, or engage in community service.

How will I know what is right for me, employment or school?

You and your counselor will discuss what your long-term goals are and decide what option will be the best one for you. If you choose employment, your counselor can assist you in choosing where to seek it. If you choose school, your counselor can help you decide what school in Erie would best suit your educational goals.

What is the length of treatment?

The length of stay is a minimum of 90 days, but you may stay longer, if needed. The treatment phases at the Community House are broken down into these phases:

  • Phase I: Orientation
  • Phase II: Main Phase
  • Phase II: Re-Entry
  • Can I bring my children?

    Yes, you may bring up to two children with you to the Community House. The children must be 12 years of age or younger.

    What about child care while I am working or in school?

    Community House has a childcare worker who will provide daycare services for your child at no charge to you.

    Are there other services?

    Yes. They include: access to confidential testing and counseling for HIV/AIDS, drug/alcohol evaluations, detoxification, psychiatric services, outpatient and intensive outpatient services, babies first, and a social services coordinator.

    What about payment?

    There are a variety of options available: private insurance(s), medical assistance (VBH, CCBHO), sliding fee scale, contracts through probation and parole, and contracts with county department of drug and alcohol services.

    Where do I go for help?

    • Location:

      521 West 7th St.,
      Erie, PA 16502

    • Call:

      To talk to a staff member at Gaudenzia Erie Community House, call: 814-459-5853

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    No Gaudenzia Erie, Inc. client will be discriminated against on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, political affiliation, limited English proficiency, previous criminal record or status with regard to political opinion.

    Gaudenzia Erie, Inc., in accordance with Federal Regulations, provides preference and/or priority for the treatment of pregnant injection drug users, pregnant substance abusers and injection drug users.

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