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No Gaudenzia Erie, Inc. client will be discriminated against on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, political affiliation, limited English proficiency, previous criminal record or status with regard to political opinion.

Gaudenzia Erie, Inc., in accordance with Federal Regulations, provides preference and/or priority for the treatment of pregnant injection drug users, pregnant substance abusers and injection drug users.

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Gaudenzia Erie Inc., Crossroads Residential Program

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Both of the Short Term and Long Term residential programs provide intensive care for individuals experiencing problematic drug and alcohol use

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is an intensive program where individuals stay in a facility. Residential treatment is ideal for individuals who are having continuous difficulty in maintaining sobriety.

Crossroads is a Therapeutic Community (TC), which is a values-based drug and alcohol/addiction treatment program that focuses on the "right living principles". This view emphasizes truth, honesty, accountability for self and others, responsibility for one's actions and responsibility to self and others. Emphasis is also placed on learning how to connect with others in order to build a positive support network. The development of a healthy work ethic, learning how to learn, giving back to communities, and productive citizenry are emphasized as well as family counseling. Crossroads treatment focuses on increasing one's awareness of unhealthy and/or negative thinking, attitude and behavior patterns as these lead to relapse.

What can I expect while in Residential Treatment?

You will be given an individual counselor who will work with you to identify personal treatment goals. You will participate in individual sessions and group counseling while in treatment.

Group counseling is part of the residential treatment program. Throughout the day, there are groups that cover a variety of topics related to addiction and recovery. It is important to connect clinical work with an established support system. Therefore, AA/NA meetings are held on site. Clients also have the opportunity to attend AA/NA meetings in the community.

Psychiatric services are available. You may access these services at any time while in the Residential Programs. These psychiatric services are help on-site.

What is the length of treatment?

The length of stay in the Short-Term Residential Program is varied. The length of stay in the Long-Term Program can last 90 days or more. Both programs base the length of stay on what your needs are. Treatment at Gaudenzia Erie Crossroads is broken down into these phases:

  • Orientation
  • Treatment Planning
  • Intensive Treatment
  • Continuing Care
  • What about my family?

    Gaudenzia is committed to helping family members and significant others heal and begin their own recovery process. Family members are strongly encouraged to participate in the Family Program.

    Groups are held at Crossroads to help men, women and children impacted by addiction to develop a support network. These groups are also required for those family members wishing to visit loved ones in treatment.

    Are there any medical services?

    Gaudenzia Erie Crossroads is staffed 24 hours a day with a licensed nursing staff. Additionally, there are medical doctors who evaluate patients on-site and who monitor any changing medical need.

    Who else will be part of my treatment while I am in the Long-Term Program?

    Any person you would like who will positively impact your recovery. This can include community-based supports, as well as family members.

    Are there other services?

    Yes, some services include: On-site Confidential testing and counseling for HIV/AIDS, Drug/Alcohol Evaluations, Detoxification, Halfway House Services, Outpatient Services and Psychiatric Services

    What about payment?

    There are a variety of options available: Private Insurance(s), Medical Assistance (VBH, CCHBO), Sliding Fee Scale, Contracts through Probation and Parole, and Contracts with County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services