Warm Hand-Off/The Bridge

Warm Hand-Off services are provided at the Emergency Department in Erie and Mercer counties for those who have experienced an overdose, have sought treatment for a medical condition where substance use is the underlying cause, or have been identified as possibly having an issue with substance abuse. The client will be offered an on-site assessment at the ER and can refuse or choose to accept drug and alcohol treatment at that time.

Case managers will help facilitate referrals to detoxification, inpatient/residential or outpatient services, when necessary. Case managers will also provide door-to-door transportation, so that the client goes from the emergency room to a treatment facility that can provide the care s/he needs.

Warm Hand-Off Services are offered to all clients, regardless of their ability to pay. Case managers will work with insurance companies or county drug and alcohol offices to secure funding.

Warm Handoff: 2005 W. 8th St., Ste. 106A, Erie PA 16505

For FOLLOW-UP appointments call: 814-217-9859

Connecting with Community Resources

Gaudenzia Erie, Inc. is comprised of multiple treatment facilities in Erie, Sharon and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Along with providing treatment services we also work with local community agencies which provide support services for our clients

Below is just a partial list of community resources that we work closely with:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Crime Victims Center
  • Career Link
  • Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA
  • Erie County Department of Health
  • Allegheny Health Network - supporting our women and children's programs
  • Millcreek Community Hospital
  • Corry Hospital
  • Local drug and alcohol coalitions and task forces in Erie and surrounding counties - i.e. the local Heroin Task Force
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Treatment Court
  • Erie County Mental Health Services

  • We also provide presentations and trainings in Erie and surrounding counties. We have spoken to drug and alcohol providers, community organizations, and fire and police departments. Subject areas include substance use disorders, treatment trends and co-occuring treatment options.

    If your organization would like to learn about drug and alcohol issues and treatment options, please call 814-240-3278


    At Gaudenzia Erie, Inc. we recognize the importance of confidentiality and trust. From the very first time you contact us, all personal information is protected by our strict privacy policy bound by a set of federal laws: "42 CFR Part 2 Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records." These laws as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Privacy Act (HIPPA) of 2003, are cornerstones of providing quality services for those struggling with problems relating to substance abuse. We will provide detailed information about our privacy policy and are happy to discuss our policy with you directly, to ensure that you fully understand your rights.

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  • Administration: 814-240-3278

  • Crossroads: 814-459-4775

  • Community House: 814-459-5853

  • Dr Snow House: 814-456-5758

  • Erie Outpatient: 814-459-6304

  • House of Healing: 814-315-9597

  • House of Healing: 814-315-9597

  • Sharon Outpatient: 724-359-2976

  • Pittsburgh Residential: 412-224-2962

  • Pittsburgh Outpatient: 412-709-6918

  • Pittsburgh Housing and Support: 412-251-5929

  • Warm Hand-Off: 814-217-9546

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