Serenity Hall, Crossroads

Crossroads began in 1966 with the Mayor's Committee on Human Rehabilitation, which addressed the challenge of caring for the helpless people suffering from the disease of alcoholism.

In 1966, Crossroads Center opened at 4th & State streets - a shelter for homeless men with addiction problems. A long-term rehabilitation facility was established in 1967, named Serenity Hall, at 522 E. 6th St.

In 1973, Serenity West, an intensive 28-day treatment facility opened in Fairview, Pa.

Crossroads acquired it's present location in 1981, the former Burns Elementary School at 414 W. 5th St. Crossroads Center and Serenity Hall merged in this three-story brick building to better serve clients.

In 1991 the Dr. Snow Halfway House for Men opened to provide an opportunity for men to reestablish community roots and maintain employment. Outpatient services were added at Crossroads.

2001 - Serenity Hall/Crossroads merged with Gaudenzia Foundation, Pennsylvania's largest non-profit drug and alcohol treatment programs and services to form Gaudenzia Erie, Inc.

Community House for Women and Children was added in 2003 to provide outpatient and halfway house services for women with children.


In 1968, a group of distinguished business, political and community leaders recognized a serious problem for the City of Philadelphia — a growing number of people suffering from addiction were unable to find help. Determined to address the problem, these leaders invited a small group of substance abuse treatment professionals to create a residential treatment program that would save the lives of individuals otherwise doomed by their drug and alcohol addictions.

Thus, community volunteers gave birth to Gaudenzia's first residential substance abuse treatment program in a dilapidated North Philadelphia rowhouse.

Today Gaudenzia offers numerous programs throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Each is designed to address varied, individual substance abuse treatment needs. While Gaudenzia has enjoyed significant growth over the years, we have remained faithful to our mission... to treat people suffering from chemical dependency and other behavioral dysfunctions; to educate the public as to the cause and prevention of these problems; and to conduct research into the causes, prevention and treatment of dysfunctional behavior patterns.

Information about Gaudenzia Corporation and the location and details about its programs can be found at http://www.gaudenzia.org.


The agency is a private nonprofit organization governed by a Board of Directors. Gaudenzia Erie, Inc. is classified as a free-standing organization. We are licensed by the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP), the Office of Mental Health, and Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).


Gaudenzia Erie, Inc. requires active participation of all employees and subscribes to a participatory management style.



The clients are our number one priority and should be treated with respect at all times based on our program and staff code of ethics.


Our customers are at least two-fold: those who purchase our services, whether public or private (their agents); and the individuals and their families, which we serve. Our clients' best interests shall remain a priority, and all conflicts should be resolved in a respectful manner.


Our employees are our most important resource. They demonstrate in their behavior the belifs of the organization. The staff's professional growth is only secondary to the clients' needs and the organization as a whole.


The organization exists for the long-term fulfillment of our mission statement and should include input from those it serves. The organization should not become a hindrance to the execution of our mission, goals and objectives. We should always manage for the long term.


The philosophy of Gaudenzia should permeate the environment. It should remain a safe and healthy place for individuals to take root and grow.


We must take an active role in the communities we serve and educate the community to the needs of our clients and how we serve them.

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No Gaudenzia Erie, Inc. client will be discriminated against on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, political affiliation, limited English proficiency, previous criminal record or status with regard to political opinion.

Gaudenzia Erie, Inc., in accordance with Federal Regulations, provides preference and/or priority for the treatment of pregnant injection drug users, pregnant substance abusers and injection drug users.

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